Annie's Agate

Not just ordinary marble, this one rocks!

Black Forest

Beautiful red chocolate with buttercream.

Carrot Cake Supreme

Grandma's old fashioned carrot cake. Scrumptious with walnuts and pineapple cream cheese icing.

Cherry Bomb

Made with ground walnuts and maraschino cherries.  Just explosive!

Death by Chocolate

Dark and decadent with Hot Fudge and Chocolate Buttercream.  Add raspberries or strawberries.  It's a taste to die for!

French Crème

Not a white or a yellow, but somewhere in a realm between.

Lady Baltimore

White cake that is pure as the driven snow.

Lemon Drop

Light and breezy with the pucker zest of fresh lemons.


Milk soaked poppy seeds baked into a lemon flavored cake.

Orange Kiss

Fragrant orange enhanced by chocolate buttercream and raspberry. Simply unforgettable!.

Pineapple Luau

Fresh pineapple cake with shredded coconut.  Splashing!


A special cake laced with all the colors of the rainbow.


Old fashioned homemade yellow cake and chocolate buttercream icing.

Sweet Tooth

German chocolate cake.  Stickily delicious!